Support the fight of the Palestine’s people

This month of October has seen born again the Intifada Palestine: the fight of the masses against the permanent aggression of the Israel’s Zionist State, the imperialist’s enclave, that from 1948 he snatched the territories to the people of Palestine. In September 28 th , the leader of extreme right party Likud, Ariel Sharon, ex Minister of Defense and Combat, in 1982, of the massacres of Sabra y Shatila against the Palestine town, in the Libyan, he carried out a provocation with 3000 soldiers of Israel upon "visiting" the Mosque’s Plain, in Jerusalem, the holy places of the Palestine.

The next day, the army Zionist discharged against these. This actions relied on the authorization of the Prime Minister of Israel the ex general Ehud Barak, responsible of the "Agreements of peace" signed with the Palestine’s National Authority directed by Yasir Arafat.

The Palestine’s masses understood that the humiliation that he made them this murderer, was the culminating of the shameful betrayal that has come committing the Arafat’ s direction, upon maintaining the lie of the negotnegotiations of "peace", while they multiply the establishments Zionists in the Palestine’s territories, since they come back applying the agreements of Oslo (1993).

There, on the base of the offensive Zionist- imperialist against the first Intifada, in the context of the defeat of the revolutionary worldwide rise and of the fall of the worker’s States, taking advantage of the Arabic division achieved during the war against Iraq, the imperialism imposed his plains. Archived that the LOP, with Yasir Arafat to the head of their party Al Fatah, will carry out the worst betrayal to the legendary fight of the Palestine’s people for getting the recuperation of their land, for the construction of a Palestine’s State and for the destruction of the imperialist’s enclave imposing with the constitution of the Israel’s State. Has began the "process of peace," the term more hated by the masses de Palestine of today, of a pretended "peaceful coexistence" with Israel, who has attacked constantly to the Palestine’s towns.

So has become evident that the state recognized by the imperialism to the Palestins is a true apartheid’ regimen: with the Palestine population included in township of territory not viable like economical unit, and under the gun eye of the Israel’s tanks. Yet, this processes has not served in order to improve the life of the Palestine’s people, for the contrary, during the last seven years have worsened their economical and social conditions, to the time that the Palestine’s National Authority cover the corruption and the privileges of the commercial monopolies with false promises.

United States, during all the time, between the "negotiation", has endorsed the Zionist’ aggression. Now, Bill Clinton, upon condemning the Palestine violence, he cover the backs again to the Israel’s army, at the same time that he makes efforts by maintaining the bad named Agreements of “peace”. With Clinton and the imperialists cannot there be solution for this drama of the Palestine’s people. The imperialism impelled the creation of Israel and it have come sustaining military, because it is their policeman in this region of enormous strategic importance.

This is, in consequence, the conditions that has carried to the Palestine masses to uprising against this process, arguing in the acts not only the trap of imperialist’s "peace", but to their own government. It is a new chapter of the long fight of the Palestine people for their land and for the expulsion of the imperialism.

This is like has been carried out important mobilizations of masses in several countries and is made necessary get the unit of all the Arabic nations and all the political organizations of the Palestine’s people, against Israel and the imperialism. All the workers and all anti-imperialism fighters of the world we should lift our solidarity with the fight of the Palestine’s people, supporting the Intifada against the “Agreements of peace” and take again the traditional flags of the no-reconnaissance of Israel’s State; for the establishment of a Palestine State, lay and democratic, with equality of laws for Jews, Christians and Moslems. No trust in Arafat, for the construction of a worker’s revolutionary party that will be an alternative for the Arabic and Jews’ workers and that it fight constantly for the Palestine masses, only way: a Arabic’s socialist federation.

The imperialistic politics of the Clinton’s government and the candidates that  will replace him in the presidency of the United States, with the support of the others imperialistic countries of Europe, is the same in Orient Medium and in Latin America: establishment of colonial’s enclave, subjection of the governments for the execution of plans against the workers, for the benefit of the transnacionals, impulse to tricky processes of negotiation and of "peace" with the political directions and the guerrillas that  rise against the bourgeois regimes, at the time that influences and attack military in order to get their defeat and abandon, imposition of economical politics that deteriorate gradually the conditions of life of the oppressed people. But neither the military politics, neither the negotiations of "peace" imposed they for the imperialism has been, neither are, neither will be the road of solution for the situation of hunger, penury, unemployment and oppression of the workers and the world’s people. So they demonstrate the experiences from El Salvador, Guatemala and now Palestine.

The  Palestine masses and of the world, we should unite us in the same fight against the common enemy. For this reason, the workers, peasants, youth and popular sectors from Latin America and the world should hoist the flags of fight against the imperialism of the same manner that the Palestine people, with a wide mobilization of masses.

For the destruction of the Israel’s Nazi- Zionist State!

For a lay and democratic’s Palestine, with equality of laws for Jews, Christians and Moslems!

For the breakup of the expensive agreements of "peace" imperialists: Palestine, for the Palestines!

Out imperialists of the Orient Medium and Latin America!

Support the Intifada!

International Commission
Centro Internacional del Trotskismo Ortodoxo (CITO)
Declaration Admitted by the Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores (PRT)
October 2000